How Fred Thompson Got His Reverse Mortgage Start

July 19, 2012

Former Senator Fred Thompson joined American Advisors Group as the company spokesperson in May 2010. Mr. Thompson was no stranger to being in front of the camera with many years of TV and movie acting experience.

Mr. Thompson was initially reticent about the opportunity with AAG because he didn’t want to represent something he didn’t know much about. So Mr. Thompson began his due diligence and learned everything he could about the reverse mortgage industry and AAG. Soon thereafter Mr. Thompson decided that AAG was the right move to make.

After Mr. Thompson’s commercials began airing he received a call from his mother curious about the reverse mortgage product. She doesn’t like any more help from her son than what is absolutely necessary so a reverse mortgage was a real option for her. Mr. Thompson was with his mother through the entire process, which gave him an in depth experience with reverse mortgage process.

Mr. Thompson believes that the reverse mortgage industry is well postured for the future because the product is really helping a lot of people improve their retirement.

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