We believe in better.

At American Advisors Group, we strive to deliver the most considerate solutions and personalized service to our customers—all in an effort to help them and all older adults have the retirement they deserve.

Our Mission

quoteWe help older Americans navigate their way into and through retirement with ease and peace of mind by providing them with personalized service and a full suite of home equity solutions designed to give them the best financial outcome for a better retirement.quote

Our Values


We believe every older adult deserves to retire comfortably, and we are committed to helping our clients explore all their options to make this happen. We care about the people we serve, and our 97% customer satisfaction rating confirms this fact.


For more than a decade, AAG has helped clients find financial security in retirement by tirelessly working to educate consumers and financial professionals about the solutions available to older homeowners who could benefit from accessing their equity.


We know that transitioning into retirement can be challenging, and we understand that many people feel emotional about the home equity they’ve worked so hard to build. We are motivated by the profound impact we’ve seen our products have on people’s lives, and we feel principled about the work that we do.

A Message from Our CEO

More than a decade ago, my colleagues and I noticed two things: The largest generation was entering retirement, and many of them were underprepared financially. So, we set out to find solutions that would greatly improve their lives by removing financial hardship.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of American homeowners better realize their retirement goals. Through the process, we have also developed new solutions that can both remove immediate financial struggles, and help proactive planners stay ahead of the curve.

As you work with our team of AAG professionals, know that they are dedicated to helping you find the best solution to fit your needs. No matter where you are in retirement, our mission is to help you make it more secure and more enjoyable.

Thank you for choosing AAG to help you have a better retirement.

Reza Jahangiri, CEO


The Importance of Home Equity as a Retirement Tool

Every day, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65, but many have little savings to support their retirement years. With the loss of traditional pension plans and rising health care costs, today’s retirees are feeling the pinch.

The situation has shed light on the importance of utilizing home equity as part of an overall retirement income plan. For most Americans, home equity represents two-thirds of their wealth, and many retirement researchers and academics are insisting that this resource should be tapped. It has become essential that Americans consider how they can use their equity to achieve a better outcome in retirement. Most people’s greatest financial asset is their home, and it can no longer be ignored.

Fortunately, there are tools available to help people access the equity they’ve worked so hard to build. AAG is dedicated to helping older Americans through this process with compassion and care. We are dedicated to helping our clients strategically use their home equity so they can enjoy the retirement they deserve.

A sustainable retirement plan includes social security, savings, 401(k) and home equity.


Our History


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