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She's Ready for Her Close-Up

"Fortunately for Linda, she had a reverse mortgage in place…"

The public probably isn’t ready for another version of “A Star Is Born,” played by such leading ladies as Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and, most recently, Lady Gaga, but if Hollywood ever decides to do a twist on the original — maybe calling it “A Star Is Reborn” — we know just the woman for the role.

She could answer any casting call in minutes. That’s because she looks out over much of La La Land from her wonderful condo on Wilshire Boulevard, not far from all the major studios. Plus, she has done lots of commercials, so you know she has the acting chops. Creativity flows through her veins and those of her offspring. One son is a film editor, and another is a writer. One of her grandsons, still in high school, critiques movies and her granddaughter aspires to be a singer-songwriter.

She also knows the business, so she won’t be starstruck or get a case of stage fright when the cameras start rolling. Earlier in her career, she worked for the William Morris Agency, where she met many of Tinseltown’s biggest stars. This luminous lady was born ready.

Who is this amazing talent? Her name is Linda.

A few other things you should know about Ms. Linda. She’s smart and she’s loyal. When her mother passed, she sold her condominium and moved into her mother’s condo, where she could remain close to her mom’s many keepsakes.

“I combined my furniture with her furniture,” Linda said. “All her mementos are here. They hold a lot of sentimental value for me. I didn’t want to have to store them in boxes or sell them.

“I think about her every day.”

One thing Linda doesn’t have to think about every day is how she is going to support her Wilshire and Hollywood lifestyle. After running into a few bad investments, she decided to obtain a reverse mortgage loan. Her lawyer had recommended it. Linda was put in touch with AAG’s loan professional Brad, and the reverse mortgage process for her went smoothly from there.

“Brad was so low-key, calm, and peaceful — the opposite of pushy,” Linda said. “He explained everything to me, and everything unfolded just the way he described. There were no mix-ups, aggravations, or disappointments. It was seamless.”

Linda’s decision to go with a reverse mortgage has helped keep her close to restaurants, UCLA, and, most of all, her memories.

“I just love it here,” Linda said, describing her condo and L.A.’s vibrant west side.

Joining Linda in her eighth-story condo and on her daily walks is her constant companion, Muffin, an 11-year-old, 8-pound poodle and bundle of joy.

For a spell, the pandemic interrupted their way of life as it did for most Americans. With many studios shuttered or scaling back production, the auditions dried up along with the extra paychecks Linda earned when she was cast in a commercial. Having a reverse mortgage, of course, helped to supplement her income.

But with life now returning to normal post-Covid, Linda and her sidekick Muffin are back out there again — stars reborn and ready for their next close-ups.

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