AAG Celebrates National Senior Citizens Day with Therapy Dogs

September 30, 2019

AAG Joins the Pet Prescription Team to Surprise Orange County Seniors

ORANGE, Calif. (Sept. 30, 2019) – On August 21 at the Orange Senior Center, a group of specially-trained therapy dogs paid a surprise visit to a large group of smiling seniors in celebration of National Senior Citizens Day. The surprise event was hosted by American Advisors Group (AAG), and was an extension of the AAG Foundation’s continued support of local-area seniors.

The visiting pack of compassionate canines, included Finn, a German Shepherd-Golden Retriever mix; Pete, an English Golden Retriever; Yote a Shiba Inu; and Kaos, a deaf but very deft Parson Russell Terrier. Together, the adorable group of impeccably groomed pups arrived at the senior center in their distinctive powder blue vests, courtesy of Southern California-based therapy dog organization Pet Prescription Team.

The team was headed by group leader Jennifer Dentino, and her trained canine companion Kaos, who although born deaf, immediately sprang to action, performing a variety of tricks via sign language before outstretching her friendly paw and warm nose to the first seniors she saw.

If Kaos was all ivory, then Pete, the German Shepherd-Golden Retriever mix, was all ebony, his smooth and silky coat shimmering like newly mined coal. Like his pack mates, Pete was cool, calm and collected, unruffled by all the adoration and attention he was receiving. You could tell from the glint in his eye, this wasn’t his first rodeo.

At the end of the hour-long love fest, coordinated by AAG volunteers, everyone assembled for a keepsake photo, the owners, seniors and staff mugging for the cameras every bit as much as their shaggy superstars.

When all the tapping and snapping of cameras had stopped, it was clear that new bonds had been formed. The canine quartet’s visit had been a therapeutic triumph. The dogs didn’t exactly say it, but their message was unmistakably clear: “Love is a four-legged word.”

With a mission of spreading joy, over 500 Pet Prescription Team volunteers and their eager-to-please dog ambassadors regularly fan out across Los Angeles and Orange counties, bringing unleashed joy and unconditional love to senior centers, hospitals, mental healthcare facilities, rehab centers, libraries, and other group establishments. To learn more about this remarkable organization, visit the Pet Prescription Team website at https://www.petprescriptionteam.com.

About AAG

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