AAG Actively Recruiting Veterans through Hire Our Heroes

November 10, 2017

ORANGE, Calif. (Nov. 10, 2017) – American Advisors Group (AAG), the leading reverse mortgage lender in the nation, today announced that it has been actively recruiting military veterans through Hire Our Heroes (HOH), a nonprofit organization that trains, mentors and coaches veterans for job placement. Still in the early stages, the program has resulted in dozens of potential AAG candidates through participation in HOH’s job fairs in Atlanta and Anaheim, organized by RecruitMilitary, as well as advertising.  RecruitMilitary is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bradley-Morris, Inc., the largest military-focused recruiting company in the United States.

“It’s an honor to work with organizations like Hire Our Heroes,” said Rebecca Pacillas, AAG senior vice president of human resources. “We proudly hire veterans — first for their service and dedication to our country, but also because they happen to make great reverse mortgage professionals. In looking at our workforce, we discovered that some of our most successful loan officers, as well as many of our borrowers, are veterans, so it only makes sense that we would actively seek to recruit them.”

According to Veteran Affairs, out of the 9.4 million working-age veterans, only 7.2 million participate in the labor force. During a veteran’s transition, employment is one of the top priorities after health, according to HOH. American veterans also have higher than average home ownership rates (76 percent compared to 63 percent for non-veterans) and more than half of veterans age 55 or older own a home without a mortgage.  Because of this, veterans are also good candidates for reverse mortgage loans and an important customer base for AAG.

“The United States Army taught me the importance of training and teamwork,” said William Morse, U.S. Army veteran and AAG reverse mortgage professional. “I think AAG has the same point of view: good training (minus the pushups) and teamwork, which makes for a great place to work. AAG has given me all the tools I need to make a career for myself, and I can depend on my team for the support that I need.”

According to Aging Veterans in the United States, about 13 million veterans are age 55 and older, which represents two-thirds of all veterans. The number of veterans age 85 and older will nearly double as a proportion of the overall veteran population in the next 20 years.

AAG’s workforce has also more than doubled in the past five years, from about 600 in 2013 to more than 1,200 today. As an industry leader, ranked as one of Orange County’s top workplaces, AAG attributes much of its growth and success to hiring and retaining world-class talent.

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