Chicago Tribune: Reverse Mortgage Loans: A Personal Look

May 26, 2017

Investment advisor and best-selling author, Terry Savage, “puts her money where her mouth is” and shares a personal story about why she’s a fan of reverse mortgages. Savage explains how she helped her father get a reverse mortgage 15 years ago.  He lived in that same home until his passing at the age of 95. She helped him pay his insurance, property taxes and occasional special assessment along the way, and reminded him that he could not be forced to move out as long as he continued to pay taxes, insurance, and maintained the home, and otherwise complied with the loan terms.  She urged him “to not worry, live longer – and beat the odds!” He did!

This touching article tells about how her father was able to live in dignity as long as possible.  It’s the way a reverse mortgage should work.

Read the full article here.

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