American Advisors Group Foundation

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The American Advisors Group Foundation is about supporting charitable organizations to give back to both our local and global communities. Every year, American Advisors Group employees host drives, contests, raffles, and events to raise money and supplies to fight common societal issues in Orange County, California and beyond. Charitable representatives may contact us at

Willow International

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American Advisors Group is proud to support our feature charity, Willow International (formerly The Kwagala Project). This is an ongoing fundraising project to provide support and rehabilitation to former victims of human trafficking in Uganda, Africa. Human trafficking is usually referred to as modern day slavery, and it is a billion dollar industry with millions of victims each year.

What is Willow International?

In 2007, Kristen Hendricks founded the Kwagala Project to work directly with former victims of child prostitution, and help them restore their self-esteem. Now called Willow International, this program offers different methods to support these young women and girls: a Vocational School / Drop-In Center to develop the learning of viable trades; a School Scholarship for those who are able to participate; and Rehabilitative Housing at the Total Impact House.

The Total Impact House provides 25 girls with 18,000 meals, 2,000 individual counseling sessions, daily group therapy sessions, 5,000 days of school or vocational training and 9,000 nights of uninterrupted sleep in a safe place.

How are we helping?

In 2011, American Advisors Group CEO, Reza Jahangiri, took the journey to Africa to meet the girls of the Total Impact House and volunteer his time. Since then, American Advisors Group and its employees have been strong supporters of Willow International.

The American Advisors Group Foundation buys and sells hand-made jewelry from these girls to help raise funds to provide for their continual care, improve their lifestyle, and sponsor additional members of the household. American Advisors Group employees also send care packages, letters, and videos to show their support for these girls.