Working at American Advisors Group


American Advisors Group is a proud winner of the Orange County Register’s 2013 Top Workplaces Award, winning the No. 3 spot in the Large Companies category.

When you work at American Advisors Group, you are part of something important. No matter what you do here, you’ll be a part of helping seniors improve their lives for the better.

Built on a highly focused, direct-to-consumer, centralized business model, American Advisors Group has seen tremendous growth from just 60 employees in 2012 to over 800 today. And we are still growing.

Just as American Advisors Group grows, our employees are growing as well, building their resumes with new skills, knowledge, and experience. So come and join the American Advisors Group family, and grow with us.

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive pay
  • Competitive benefits package
  • 401K matching program
  • Paid job training program
    • Comprehensive 6-week paid training for sales positions
    • SAFE training for unlicensed loan officers
    • Training and career path opportunities for all positions
    • Professional development and leadership programs
    • Access to hundreds of online courses available through AAG University
  • Company-sponsored parties and events include:
    • Annual family picnic
    • Bowling nights
    • Baseball nights
    • Ice cream socials
    • Food truck lunches
    • Stress buster days with games and exercises
    • Holiday party
    • Charity events and fundraisers
    • Angels game socials
    • Raffles
    • Bake sales (cupcake wars / bake-off)
    • Salad bars
    • Hand-crafted jewelry sales
    • Chili cook-offs
    • Shoe drives

Company Culture: Quotes

“We have so many fun events here at AAG. Just last week there was a raffle for those who participated in the football toss for Superbowl weekend. We have lots of events like this where we help out charities and have prizes for employees who participate. I was so surprised when I won! I wanted to play but I forgot to bring my wallet so I just went there to watch. My manager, who is a huge football fan, asked if I wanted to try it, then paid the entry for me. I only made one toss and won five tickets, and when our VP sent out the email with the winning ticket number I had to do a double take because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m thankful to my manager for paying for my entry and to AAG for the $100 gift card!”
– Chris, Reverse Mortgage Professional

“Between Food Truck Fridays, summer luaus, monthly charity games and events, meet-ups outside the office, and our massive holiday party, AAG definitely throws a good party!”
– Manisha, Digital Marketing Manager

“It’s all about the potential to be a six-figure earner, and AAG has the tools and training to get you there.”
– Robert, Reverse Mortgage Professional

“I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction, worth, and accomplishment when I help someone who has lost the ability to dream that their life can be better. Getting compensated for this is also not too shabby.”
– Javier, Reverse Mortgage Professional

“It’s a big company with the feeling of a family-run business from top to bottom. There is no other place where I would want to work.”
– Ron, Reverse Mortgage Professional

“There are these days where my co-workers will bring in food and have these yummy mini-potlucks. It really is like my family here, because they keep trying to make me eat.”
– Alberta, Digital Content Writer

“There is a great incentive structure for sales and operations staff here. We’ve got our base salaries, of course, but then for those of us who are efficient with high production numbers, there’s an incentive piece, which is very motivating.”
– John, Reverse Mortgage Professional

“I have never worked for a company where I’ve felt more appreciated. It really does motivate me to work harder. I even have my own Swingline stapler!”
– Rose, Marketing Analysis Manager

“We don’t have that high-intensity 12-hour-day mortgage workplace. I like how a work/life balance is encouraged.”
– James, Web Designer

“We are all important members of the team. There are no little people at American Advisors Group.”
– Megan, Administrative Assistant

“I am on the absolute, hands-down best team. We are like family. #AAGRockStars”
– Andre’, Marketing

“I can’t wait for the company Christmas party every year. It’s awesome, I never miss it!”
– Ana, Digital Marketing Assistant

“I feel as though I am a part of something important.”
– Alex, Digital Marketing Manager

“With some of the clients I work with, you can hear in their voices how appreciative they are. I feel like I make a real difference in their lives, and it feels good.”
– Andrei, Reverse Mortgage Professional