5 Career Options for Retired Individuals

September 5, 2019

Retirement means something completely different for most people now than it did one or two decades ago. Instead of people aiming to retire to a warm destination to play golf all day, retirement now means starting a new business or pursuing a passion that there wasn’t time for previously due to work and other obligations. What are some great career options for those who are retired?

Start a Writing Career

It is never too late to begin a writing career. Regardless of whether someone has been writing their entire life or are starting their first manuscript, good writing is good writing no matter when it is created. The Internet makes it easier to connect with other writers, publish a book, or showcase work on a blog or website. 

Start a Coffee Shop or Small Store

Those who like to spend time in the kitchen or have family recipes could open their own small bakeshop or coffee shop to do what they love and make money from it. Those who have children or grandchildren who like to cook or make drinks as well could work behind the counter. The retired business owner could then work when it is convenient for them.

Consulting Work Offers a Flexible Schedule

Anyone who has had a successful career in business or has a specialized knowledge base could use that knowledge to become a consultant. Consultants generally set their own schedule and choose who they want to work with. In addition, consulting work can be lucrative for companies that are looking for that a great idea to help them grow to the next level. 

Freelance Security Work May Be Available

Former police officers or military veterans may be able to parlay their experience into a job doing private security or working security at a bar or club on the weekends. Those who are hired to be a personal bodyguard could make a six-figure salary depending on who hires them and what their responsibilities are. 

Become an Independent Representative for a Company

There are hundreds of companies out there that are looking for independent representatives to sell their goods. Whether the company sells skin care products, jewelry or good food, there is an opportunity out there for anyone to make money. The best part is that those who become independent representatives don’t need to have any experience to begin. It is perfect for those who want to try something new and make money at the same time while having fun.

Retirement does not mean going off to Florida or Hawaii to never be heard from again. Instead, it can offer an opportunity for anyone to start a family business or try their hand at something that they have always been interested in.

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